3 specific examples of an interim solving corporate problems

At GQ Interim Solutions, we have over 10 years’ experience in domestic and foreign markets. Our portfolio includes more than 200 satisfied clients and 1,500 successfully completed projects; we have prepared detailed case studies on this basis. These case studies will help you to gain a clearer understanding of how you can save money, time and energy by working with an interim.

What corporate problems may be solved by an interim expert?

With an interim, you have the opportunity to overcome demanding challenges, quickly, easily and efficiently. These experts manage projects with a clear goal, and specific start and end points. All steps taken in a given timeframe should help your company to achieve results that would be unfeasible with your internal management.

An interim’s superpowers can help your company too

In this fast-moving world, every good manager needs to know how to adapt rapidly and respond promptly to any challenges. This is the only way to keep your business alive. However, even that may not be enough. Improperly set-up corporate processes, inexperienced managers or just a lack of external insight may all be insurmountable barriers to your business. An interim will help you to overcome these and any further challenges.

How to use the Engine app to find our job offers

During our lives, most of us go through the process of looking for a new job several times. As you must know, looking for a job nowadays is a second full-time job. Especially if you don’t want to accept the first offer, but are looking for a job that will best suit your experience and of course requirements.

Why is it worth working as an extern?

You may have noticed that terms such as self-employed persons, freelancers or interim employees have become more and more frequent in the labour market. They all have one thing in common – they are not internal employees of the company where they work, although they provide their “employer” with a service in the work they […]

A serious automotive forecast for 2018

2 March 2018 TESLA arrives in Slovakia. In February, Elon Musk will announce his intention to build his first plant in Europe. Choosing the right destination will be very easy. He told his assistant to write down all EU Member States and to throw them into a hat, from which he picked one. Guess who […]

Right timing of calibration of your measurement systems

In our work we use gages and other measurement devices on daily basis. And as most things we use in our lives, gages are subject to wear and tear over time. If this process is not carefully monitored, devices will very possibly fail to measure parts accurately, thereby giving unreliable information about processes and outcomes. Calibration of them requires a disciplined approach: regular intervals between two calibrations, comparison to known reference values. Without this way of performance, the gage may continue to measure within the allowable tolerances. On the other side, if the gage is identified as out of tolerance for various calibration checks, the challenge is in knowing the point at which this gage had begun to have accuracy issues and determining how many parts need to be rechecked again.

How to select the right material for your plastic parts?

The automotive industry is one of the leading areas which drives the rapid technology development. Automotive part suppliers are very often directly involved in the design and development of new products. In this stage is an option to select the right material that provides the best performance and the highest quality. How?

Document control system and its benefits

Having your data in one centralized system offers you greater control over all of your processes, no matter in which area of operations are they included. Sometimes you can have different types of documents and this can cause a some handling problem. For example, you have different workflow for a job description and for supplier specifications. The document control system keeps everything easily accessible and in one place.