How to use the Engine app to find our job offers

During our lives, most of us go through the process of looking for a new job several times. As you must know, looking for a job nowadays is a second full-time job. Especially if you don’t want to accept the first offer, but are looking for a job that will best suit your experience and of course requirements.

We at GQ systems are aware of this too. We are very pleased that the number of applicants interested in our job positions is steadily increasing, but at the same time, this obliges us to stay in the closest possible contact with all those applicants and to be able to provide them with tailor-made positions. That’s why we decided to create the ENGINE app, in which you can find all our job positions and respond to them immediately.

Offers tailor-made for you

The app is very simple and intuitive to use. All you have to do is download it to your smartphone (we support both Android and iOS), fill in the basic data, describe the jobs you have recently worked in, upload your CV (optional) and you can start viewing current job vacancies.

The app also enables you to indicate the locations where you are currently looking for work, the type of contract you prefer, whether you want a freelance position or a permanent employment relationship, as well as the expected salary.

Don’t despair if you are currently employed. The app is also available to people who currently have a job, but have been thinking about a change or are just wondering what new job offers are out there in the labour market. The app gives you the option of setting your current availability, whether you are available immediately, in two weeks or in one or two months.

Lucrative job offers will no longer pass you by.

The individual job offers in the app contain a job description, the required language level, location, the project start date and duration, the type of contract and the proposed daily or hourly rate for the service.

If you are interested in any of the offers, you simply respond by clicking on “Apply” in the lower bottom corner of the offer. You will then be included in the selection procedure and if you are a suitable candidate, our team of recruiters will contact you.

Nous vous mettons en contact avec les meilleurs spécialistes du marché pour vous permettre d’économiser (tant votre entreprise que vous-même) des frais, du temps et de l'énergie.