What corporate problems may be solved by an interim expert?

With an interim, you have the opportunity to overcome demanding challenges, quickly, easily and efficiently. These experts manage projects with a clear goal, and specific start and end points. All steps taken in a given timeframe should help your company to achieve results that would be unfeasible with your internal management.


One of the problems occurring in companies is that the management has a solution for the current crisis, but this solution cannot be implemented. The reasons may vary, but include lack of funds or human resources. In such cases, the best solution is for the company to hire a qualified person with sufficient experience, expertise and tools to achieve the desired goal.


An interim expert is even able to help when the company’s management is aware of the problem, but doesn’t know how to solve it. In such cases, the interim proposes a strategy and becomes a part of the team implementing the solution. If even the company’s senior management supports the change and proposed strategy, working with an interim may be fruitful. The outcome is long-term benefits for all stakeholders, i.e., management, customers, employees and colleagues.


Despite their brief involvement, interims should help you to create and provide your company with new insights into solving problems and measurable results, from which you will benefit for a long time after they leave your company.

Which activities can be delegated to an interim?

Whether your company will succeed or fail may boil down to decisive details, such as a professional team led by an experienced manager. That’s why you should consider joining those looking for an interim expert.

Do you have challenging projects in the offing, for which you don’t have sufficient internal specialists? Are you willing to move your company from A to B, but you know this is impossible with your current team? Is your permanent manager off, or did you have to temporarily relocate them to another plant/branch office?

All those reasons, and many others endangering the stability or even the existence of your company, are clear signs that an interim expert is the best possible solution for your business in the given situation.

How to find to interim experts

External staff reinforcements are advantageous in terms of cost savings, professionalism, time pressure or problem solving. At GQ Interim Solutions, we connect you with the best professionals in any area, not only automotive. Our extensive database includes experienced consultants for a wide range of sectors:

  • Quality
  • Logistics
  • Crisis management L
  • Production
  • Project management L
  • Engineering
  • Design
  • IT/PLC
  • R&D
  • Metrology
  • Laboratory
  • Automatization
  • Manufacturing
  • Management
  • C-level management


We will gladly be a sound and stable partner for your business, to whom you can turn if necessary. It makes no difference whether you have already worked with us, or only plan to do so. It is important to take this step as rapidly as possible, especially given the urgency of crisis situations.

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