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Case Studies

Project K – Tier 1 – Manufacturer of interior trims – JIT/JIS


  • Ramp up of serial production of door trims for Premium OEM which is the most important project for the group.
  • Greenfield project with an estimated value of 50M – 100M Eur.
  • Process establishment support, customer communication support, de-escalation support, crisis support, logistical flow support, sampling support, industrialization support.
  • Risk of withdrawal of project, Business-on-hold status.


The main issues are as follows:

  • The planning of project was inaccurately estimated.
  • The transfer of documentation from headquarters was not completed.
  • The pre-serial phase was not properly handled.
  • Industrialization was not finished on time with 50% of the shopfloor workforce missing.

The above contributors resulted in very short period to postponement of SOP at the OEM customer and difficult ramp up and a complicated relationship with the customer, leading to a high level of escalation.


  • GQsystems reinforced the original hard-pressed team with 15 white collars (managers and engineers – industrialization, quality, project mgr, logistic, engineering, production) and 5 technicians (shop floor quality) and 20+ blue collars successfully installed within the first 2 weeks following original demand.
  • Highest peak of support: 50+ direct people on support and another 100+ indirect (via partner companies).
  • Management of project departments.


  • The customer received strong support to overcome extremely complex problems when the issue started.
  • The customer received expertise of GQsystems interim professionals who made good and efficient decisions in a short period of time.
  • GQsystems interim professionals handled difficult communication with an exceptionally demanding customer.
  • Management of project departments.
  • GQ ran a solution or another similar project in pipeline to avoid the same problems in the pre-serial phase.
  • Over the course of 1 year, GQsystems interim professionals managed to achieve a de-escalation level and resolve most of the problems.
  • Our customer went from heavy crisis firefighting to standard operational conditions with a happy customer and a smoothly running project.


In one year, GQ systems significantly helped our client out of a very deep crisis, tighten relationships with their biggest customer and to resolve seemingly unsolvable problems.

At the same time the customer received support with an ongoing project which did not experience the same issues.

Project S – Tier 1 – Manufacturer of interior cockpits – JIT/JIS


The customer was launching several new projects simultaneously and required interim help to manage all APQP processes and receive PPAP approvals on time.

Projects: Audi A7, Audi A8, Porsche Cayenne, Porsche Cayenne Coupe, Volkswagen Touareg.


1 customer submitted 5 different products at the same time which put an additional strain on ramp-up times.


A team of 5 highly skilled interim APQP engineers resolved the project to obtain Green approval from the final customer. This meant completion within 17 months as originally planned without delays or unexpected complications.


  • No need to hire internal staff for limited project tasks.
  • Time and resource saving.
  • On time and reliable delivery.
  • High satisfaction of high-profile OEM.


Very precise operation with high performance APQP interim engineers who drove the project through all milestones to the successful PPAP and handover to serial production.