Reduce defects with control plan and PFMEA

A control plan is a living document that helps you to set the plan to control the products you make and the processes used during the manufacturing of those products. Control plan involves the product and process description and characteristics which are important to ensure the quality of the final product.

One day in the shoes of a quality engineer

How it feels to come to work in the morning How it feels when your boss comes to see you And what it feels like when your boss leaves Answering the e-mails in your inbox in the morning What your superiors think when you tell them you have been

How to define realistic pass/fail tolerances?

We work in different industries and as each industry has its own demands, the color measurement is not an exception.
A pass/fail tolerance is understood as the amount of color variation that is taken as acceptable. For the parts are tolerances specified by customer expectations. In automotive, plastics, paint and coating industry are the color tolerances very tight, but in other industries they can be much less strict.

Why quality engineers should read this text

Countless articles have been written about how to behave during a job interview. They always start with the following sentence: 10 pieces of advice for success, or: 5 mistakes you should try to avoid, blah blah blah.