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With GQ, you can expect interesting job opportunities where you can make the most of your experience and gain new skills.

As an interim expert, you will implement innovations and deliver your own ideas and know-how for the success of your projects.

Together, we create tailor-made solutions for our clients, and thanks to the diversity of projects, you will become more flexible, independent and versatile in your professional career.

Collaboration with an interim should bring the greatest possible long-term benefits to all involved, i.e. management, clients, employees and colleagues.


We particularly appreciate the ability to react quickly and flexibly, given the express deployments and different locations of our projects.


We only work with the best in the business and demand top quality of your service.


We require a presentable attitude and adherence to work ethic and ethics in general.

More opportunities for personal and career growth

The diversity of projects exposes the interim expert to a world of different experiences from different companies, environments, industries and business cultures, which are essential for the further development of their career. There is much lower risk of burnout or falling into an unpleasant routine when pursuing this profession.

Independence and flexibility

Flexibility within a location, knowledge of foreign languages and expert skills provide interim experts with a sense of independence not found with a single employer. One becomes independent and responsible for one’s own success, which may not be for everyone.

Expanding the portfolio of services and qualifications

Interim management can be incredibly rewarding, with the opportunity to work alongside talented people and be part of diverse projects, it is also a great opportunity to expand your portfolio of services and job qualifications.

Superior pay

We work only with the best. Interim experts are experienced professionals who can solve complex processes and tasks, which is matched by superior pay.

experts in the
years of

We connect you with the best experts in the manufacturing sector and the automotive industry.

Quality Manager
Quality Engineer
 Customer Quality Engineer
 SQA Engineer
 Resident Quality Engineer
 APQP Engineer
 Supplier Development Engineer
CMM technician

Logistics Manager
Supply Chain Engineer
Customer Contact
Material Planner (Disponent)
Warehouse Manager

Production Manager
Production Planner
Manufacturing Engineer
Process Engineer
Technology Engineer

Design Engineer
Validation Engineer
Test Engineer
Geometry Engineer

PLC Engineer
Automation Engineer
Robotics Engineer


Project Manager
Program Manager
Relocation Manager
Lean Manager

Crisis Manager
Cost-reduction Manager
Task Force Manager

Plant Manager
Plant Controller
Managing Director
Operations Manager

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