Information security incident reporting

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Please provide as much information as possible about the incident, including:

  • Contact details and location
  • Dates and times of events
  • Username or e-mail address of the user
  • Operating system and application versions
  • Any error messages or behavior
  • Web addresses (URL) …

The company policy of GQsystems, a.s.

We have been operating on the market since 2011 and throughout that time we have built a quality team of experts, suitable for our clients as interim solutions.

If we could describe ourselves in one sentence, we would say that we provide „Experts for Hire”. We provide experienced and high-performing professionals to manage change or transform a company.

Our potential is the young and flexible management and human quality of our employees, all of them were carefully selected and trained. We have built a good reputation for our company due to our work’s high quality and accuracy, as evidenced by the number of orders we have realized and many satisfied clients.

The company’s management is constantly heading forward and adapting to new trends in our industry. Our main goal is a positive approach, flexibility, speed, an excellent team of highly professional staff, and always with a smile on our faces to increase service quality while complying with information security requirements following TISAX. To meet the requirements of the Information Security Management System, we comply to:

  • set and maintain clear rules throughout our company, in all activities and all processes,
  • achieve full compliance with the requirements, needs and expectations of customers and their clients, based on their knowledge and expectation of their needs,
  • follow legal and other requirements in the field of information security and related requirements in the area of ​​our operation
  • constantly increase the achieved level of education and qualification of our employees as well as co-workers to achieve and keep the highest standard of services provided,
  • contribute to the reduction of threats to risks at work and identified risks in the field of information security, to improve occupational safety and IT protection, throughout our company, by quality preparation of supplies and provided services based on our experience and the latest knowledge,
  • provide regular training of employees within the information security,
  • continuously develop and improve the established information security management system following the principles of the standard,
  • clearly and demonstrably meet the relevant requirements of applicable legislation and internal documents within information processing.


The policy of the information security management system is issued in the company as a separate document and all employees of the company are obliged to get acquainted with it and respect it as it is.


In Bratislava, 1.5.2024

Filip Gergely
Chairman of the Board