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Turnkey solution

Turnkey solutions are ready for immediate use in your company. Their advantage is that they are easy to deploy and, in fact, require the client to simply “turn the key” to begin with.

Turnkey solutions are very useful for organisations that want to solve a specific problem in a short period of time and do not have the space, capacity and finances to create a tailor-made solution themselves.


Complete coverage of the parts approval process in the product development process. We take care of the individual phases from definition, through development to product sampling using the prescribed documentation.


Systematic identification, analysis and elimination of deficiencies for the purpose of de-escalation. Setting up processes to ensure quality delivery based on specific client requirements.


Relocation or expansion of production based on client requirements in accordance with generally binding regulations and agreements, whether locally within the plant or internationally. Preparation of relocation project plans and preparatory work prior to the actual implementation of the relocation.

Project launch

Creating the conditions for the launch of a new project, management and responsibility for individual projects at programme management level, project milestones, risk management, change management, cooperation with the client and suppliers (cost calculation, supervision, transformation).

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Quality Manager
Quality Engineer
 Customer Quality Engineer
 SQA Engineer
 Resident Quality Engineer
 APQP Engineer
 Supplier Development Engineer
CMM technician

Logistics Manager
Supply Chain Engineer
Customer Contact
Material Planner (Disponent)
Warehouse Manager

Production Manager
Production Planner
Manufacturing Engineer
Process Engineer
Technology Engineer

Design Engineer
Validation Engineer
Test Engineer
Geometry Engineer

PLC Engineer
Automation Engineer
Robotics Engineer


Project Manager
Program Manager
Relocation Manager
Lean Manager

Crisis Manager
Cost-reduction Manager
Task Force Manager

Plant Manager
Plant Controller
Managing Director
Operations Manager

Specific examples of an interim
solving corporate problems

This project was delegated to an independent crisis manager (interim), whose task was to meet the customer’s needs in terms of the quantity and quality of parts supplied within the required time.
The interim, together with the task force team of engineers, ensured communication with the customer, suggested solutions and, step by step, solved several issues that were causing problems with delivery of parts. During this period, there was time for regular staff training, some positions were replaced by internal employees and the team of interim engineers was progressively reduced.

The solution was to suggest a more efficient lay-out and process optimisation, and including interim specialists, hired in accordance with the “came-solved-left” principle, to complement the internal staff.
The crisis manager de-escalated the company from the highest level and, as it was an international company, the crisis manager subsequently moved to another of this corporation’s problematic productions, where the production plants were also successfully de-escalated.

This project was a real challenge, both for us and the interim. The client needed to solve a problem with unclear project documentation, based on which the parts supplied were suitable from the supplier’s point of view, but unsuitable from the customer’s point of view. On top of that, our client’s supplier was from East Asia and did not communicate.
We were asked to find an interim engineer who had already been involved in the project, had experience with the supplier and knew the background to the supplied parts. The interim manager’s task was to establish communication and discuss the questionable and problematic issues with our client’s supplier.

The interim engineer was sent on a three-week business trip to Thailand where, thanks to their hard work, they successfully ensured that all unduly supplied parts were repaired, and that the project documentation was clarified, as well as comprehensively supplemented and amended.
The client received a turnkey ready-to-use solution and saved EUR 150,000.

Another of our clients was to launch a series production of door panelling for a premium car manufacturer. The project was poorly planned, and a lack of staff and other problems in the company led to a delay in the series production launch. This caused other problems at the customer’s OEM, contributing to complications in the customer relationship and leading to a high level of escalation.

Therefore, we suggested that the client reinforce the original team with 15 white-collar staff (managers and engineers in the departments of industrialisation, quality, project management, logistics, engineering, production), 5 quality technicians and more than 20 blue-collar staff, who were successfully deployed during the first 2 weeks based on the desired demand.

At its peak, support for the client included the following: 50+ support interims and another 100+ production workers. Interim experts managed the entire project department.
Within one year, GQ experts had successfully de-escalated, significantly helping our client to overcome a severe crisis and to strengthen relations with their largest customer.

GQ Interim is a major provider of interim specialists in the CEE region. If you are looking for experienced and high-performance professionals to manage a change in your company, or to transform it, our team of “experts for hire” will take care of designing, creating and delivering a solution tailored to your company’s exact needs.

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